In a nutshell

Windows 10

  • Be creative with your work and your vision. Windows 10 allows you to do great things.
  • People all over the world depend on Windows 10 to be productive. You can count on Windows 10!
Windows 10

What can you do with Windows 10?

Get more work done

Windows is always kept up to date by Microsoft. Continuous innovations, ranging from support via the touchscreen to functions that allow you to better focus on your work.

Built-in all-in security

Windows 10 comes with an extensive package of antivirus, firewall, ransomware and internet features that are built-in at no extra cost.

Windows 10 for each of us

Whether you have a disability, a personal preference, or a unique work style, Windows 10 adapts to you.

Screen: Windows can make you experience the screen better by using larger letters, a brighter screen, or even a narrator to read text aloud.

Sound: Special features such as subtitles, mono sound and live call transcription can be enabled for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Neurodiversity: The digital world can be made more accessible to people living with dyslexia, strokes, autism or other cognitive disorders. Microsoft has provided innovative tools for this, such as dictation and logging in with Windows Hello.

Learning: People with learning difficulties are helped with the Microsoft applications to increase focus, concentration and understanding. This also includes tools to improve reading and writing skills.

Mobility: Microsoft's range helps people with arthritis, spinal cord injury, spinal cord injuries and other mobility problems navigate the digital world in a new way.

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