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BoCount Dynamics is an innovative ERP solution with a focus on your financial processes. 30+ years of experience from Christiaens, combined with qualitative technology from Microsoft.

The number of administrative formalities increases every year, as does the volume of information that you have to process. So it comes down to maintaining control and converting a mass of data into valuable information. BoCount Dynamics focuses on user-friendliness, flexibility, insight and efficiency.

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A simplified flow is provided within BoCount Dynamics for the approval of purchase invoices. For this, functions are defined to which users are linked. These functions are then linked to the various suppliers. By linking functions to suppliers, approvers are linked to the purchasing documents when the document is released. Subsequently, the approval requests are sent out.

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BoCount Dynamics Complaint gives you the option to register and follow up complaints within Business Central.

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BoCount Dynamics EDI gives you the possibility to exchange documents with customers and suppliers via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

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BoCount Dynamics POS (Point Of Sale) gives you the opportunity to use Business Central for your counter sales and follow-up of receipts.

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BoCount Dynamics Synchronization gives you the possibility to synchronize data such as articles, customers or suppliers between different companies.

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Bo Count Dynamics Apps warehouse


BoCount Dynamics Warehouse provides warehouse employees with an easy overview of all warehouse operations expected of them.

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