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Business Central

  • Get insight in your finances
  • Optimize your supply chain
  • Give sales fitting impulses to follow up
  • Keep projects on schedule and within budget
  • Keep your data safe following GDPR standards
  • Manage your organization from each device
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Manage your data from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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Automate business processes


With the sales management module you have the possibility to make a customer card with any data you can imagine.

All sales documents are set-up and managed in no time. For example: quotations, orders, returns, contracts, shipments, invoices, credit notes and reminders.

From the customer card you can request a history of the orders, invoices, credit notes, outstanding invoices, accounting history, etc.

With the purchase management module within Dynamics 365 Business Central, a supplier card is created for each supplier. To this card you can easily link attachments such as documents, images, emails, etc.

Purchase documents - such as quotations, orders, returns, contracts, shipments invoices and reminders - can be created and managed effortlessly within the standard functionality of the ERP system.

Relationships are managed within Dynamics Business Central 365 through the comprehensive list of addresses, contacts. This list includes both companies and contacts from customers, suppliers and prospects.

For each contact you easily record all interactions - including phone calls, e-mails, meetings, talks during a seminar, etc. (= CRM)

Within Dynamics 365 Business Central, items are easily managed with an item card. Any description of an article can be translated into an unlimited number of languages. Units of measure, barcodes, additional text lines and photos can be added to each article.

Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically keeps track of the stock of the items. All registrations can be tracked through item journals.

The stock is immediately visible from the item card. You can also see how many items are in sales orders, purchase orders, returns, etc.

Production management within Business Central is mainly performed by linking items to BOMs. These parts lists form the recipes for the finished products. A cost price calculation is then made on the basis of the parts lists.

The out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting offers the necessary standard functionalities. In addition, we have developed our own accounting extension, BoCount Dynamics, with many useful additions.

In Business Central you can keep detailed records of employees. You can record and maintain employee data, including data on employment contracts, contracts, confidential information, qualifications and contact details. In addition, you can register employee absenteeism data, so that you can analyze this data when necessary.

In Business Central, you can perform general project management tasks such as configuring a project and planning a resource, as well as providing the information needed to manage budgets and track progress. The hours of machines and employees are tracked through timesheets.

As a project manager you have a good overview of individual projects, but also of the allocation of employees, machines and other resources used in the projects.

These service aids support work in repair workshops and on-site service work. With these tools you can perform the following tasks:

  • Schedule service calls and set up service orders.
  • Maintain repair parts and supplies;
  • Assign service personnel based on skills and availability;
  • Format quotes and invoices for services.
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Plus points



You keep working in your familiar Microsoft environment. No steep learning curve. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central uses a similar interface as the other Microsoft applications that you probably already use on a daily basis. And just like those other applications, Business Central is intuitive to use. And consistent in use across the entire application!


If you are already a user of one or more other products from the Microsoft stack, you will get double the return on your Business Central. After all, all these applications are coordinated, and in such a way that they support each other and allow you to get the best out of each system.


This broad view of business enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to connect the information, people and processes in your company so that they can be more productive in every way. That way you will quickly increase your returns and your company will create a noticeable competitive advantage. And, of course, all data is entered only once.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures that people at every level of your company are able to make strategic decisions quickly, efficiently and based on reliable data.


Integrated extensions

If the standard functionality wouldn't suffice, you still have the option of plugging in extensions or add-ons that work seamlessly together.


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