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  • No own database, but data directly from Business Central
  • Real-time stock information, specific customer prices and discounts
  • Advanced rules, various levels and extensive functions
  • Guaranteed fast quotes for complex products and services
  • Generate dynamic documents in the format your customer prefers
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How does it work?

The three most common types of configurators we offer are:

1. e-Con Sales Configurator

Guided selling allows salespeople to sell complex products in minutes that are 100% accurate despite all options.

2. e-Con Product Configurator

Thanks to the product configurator, the design, development and production departments can quickly and efficiently obtain logistical product information, such as bills of materials, routing, production instructions, tools and formulas.

3. e-Con Portal

24/7 speed in your processes, with a web portal that allows end customers and / or partners to enter, view and update (service) quotations and orders.

The e-Con configurator is an integrated sales and product configurator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It works in real-time with your ERP system and is ideal for companies that offer complex products or services.

The user-friendly configurator ensures that all departments within your organization can effortlessly convert customer requirements into a detailed offer. You can use the e-Con configurator internally or externally to configure products or quotations. e-Con works via desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and can even be used via a web portal.

Because the e-Con Configurator increases production efficiency and reduces error margins, the e-Con Configurator increases the profit margin on your products.

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The proven strengths of e-Con


Use real-time data to set up a production order with a single click.


Make complex quotations in no time and make sure you have the offer for your prospects first.


The numerous parameters ensure realistic offers with products and services at a correct price.


Sell your expertise together with your product using this reliable system that centralizes all information.


The configurator helps to put together your complex product, with suggestions for cross and up-sells.


More extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central

If the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central wouldn't suffice, you still have the option to plug in extensions or add-ons that work seamlessly with each other.


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