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Business email and calendar

  • Email, calendar and contacts all in one place
  • Keep track and plan ahead
  • Security you can trust
  • Intelligence that works for you
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What can you do with Outlook?

Get more done with business email in Exchange and Outlook
  • Make a professional impression:
    • Hosted business email
    • 100 GB inbox
    • Possibility to send files of 150 MB as an attachment
  • Up-to-date anti-spam and anti-malware protection
Easily create shared mailboxes

Organize incoming business messages for common services, such as and

Avoid costly mistakes with email tips

Receive informational messages indicating possible errors:

  • When you add recipients.
  • When you reply to an email.
  • When you are dealing with sensitive information.
Share or publish calendars
  • Create a team calendar for your employees with permissions.
  • People outside your organization can see your calendar with a URL
Keep track of all your commitments in one place

Connect your personal calendar from Outlook, Gmail, and so on.

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