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Create your own survey, form, quiz, poll ...

  • Collect internal and external data via forms
  • View the results in a clear dashboard
  • It works on any web browser and any mobile device
  • Collaborate on forms and share the data
  • Included as standard in the Office package
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What can you do with Forms?

Create a form
  • You have options for different question types including: Essay questions, Choice questions, Rating questions, Date questions, Likert questions, and Net promoter score.
  • With the intuitive interface you can easily duplicate, delete, move or make questions mandatory.
  • Add branches to add conditions to your questions and thus set up other follow-up questions.
  • Enrich your form with photos and videos.
  • Choose themes that match your form.
Share a form

You have several options for sharing your form, both within and outside your organization.

  • Copy the link to share yourself through the channels you want
  • Generate a QR code that can be scanned
  • Generate an embed code to place the form in your website
  • Spread the link via email from Forms
Collaborate on a form

There are handy options within Forms to collaborate with your colleagues.

  • You can share your form as a template, so your colleague can reuse this template to create a similar form.
  • You can share to collaborate in the respective form. This way your colleague can view the form and make adjustments.
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