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Power BI

  • Fast and easy access to your data
  • Real-time 360 degree view of your business
  • Insight from every device
  • Collaboration throughout your organization
  • Visualize and analyze data
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Power BI

Functionalities of Power BI

What is it?

Power BI is a business analytics toolkit that provides insights across your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data preparation, and drive on-the-spot analysis.

Create and publish excellent reports, after which your organization gets these reports over the Internet and on a variety of mobile devices. Anyone can create personal dashboards with a unique 360-degree view of their business. Assess these per department of the company, provided with integrated management and integrated security.

Step 1: Data from various sources

Connect to your data in Excel, your ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, online services and so much more.

Step 2: Visualize

Dive into your data and generate insights. Save these insights as interactive reports that tell the story of your data.

Step 3: Share and make informed decisions

Create personalized dashboards and share them with colleagues.


Other enhancements to Dynamics 365 Business Central

If the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central were not yet sufficient, you still have the option to plug in extensions or add-ons that work seamlessly together.


Our customers

Our customers are the reason why we have been around for 40 years. That's why we like to put them in the spotlight!

Business Central, Document Capture, Expense Management, Jet Reports
Thiry Paints
Paint & accessories
Business Central, Jet Reports Read more
Thiry Paints
Avasco Industries
Business Central, Document Capture, Jet Reports Read more
Studio Plopsa - kopie
Garden & leisure
Microsoft 365, Private Cloud, Security, Hardware
Bancontact Payconiq
Business Central, Document Capture
Bancontact payconiq
Jules Destrooper
Microsoft 365, Private Cloud, Security
Jules Destrooper
Building & construction
Microsoft 365, Private Cloud, Security, Hardware
Dovy keukens
Skyline Communications
Business Central, Document Capture, Jet Reports
Skyline communications

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