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Business Central

  • Drag & drop planning with finite capacity
  • Plan on alternative machines and production coefficients
  • Planning according to available materials
  • Build and maintain various production planning simulations
  • Color schemes that support your planning needs
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VAPS advantages

Get transparency

See your entire production schedule at a glance: all branches, machinery and production orders. Discover where bottlenecks arise, which orders will be delivered late, orders with material shortages, and understand all dependencies.

Take action quickly

The transparency allows you to respond quickly in an emergency. Drag & drop the relevant production orders with finite capacity planning and immediately study their impact in a graph.

Get more out of your ERP

Use the information that is already in Dynamics 365 Business Central and work more efficiently by combining this with the graphical overviews and improvements that VAPS brings.

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What does it do?

Sequence dependent start-up times

Users must be able to define different start-up times for different items on the same machine in a production order.

Example: The start-up time in a job for painting works differs when there is a transition from light to dark and vice versa.

Bulk scheduling from standby

With “apply standard routing” and “apply alternative routing” we have two effective options for adding a production order to the schedule. However, companies with a high number of production orders per day need more complex automation. Therefore, these two options can be added to all production orders and tasks on the standby resources.

Fill gaps in your schedule with the semi-automatic scheduler

The result of finite capacity planning is that 1 adjustment for 1 production order on 1 machine can have a major impact on tasks at other machines. Since the VAPS finite capacity scheduler is a simple forward scheduler, such adjustments can create large gaps in the job queues at the respective affected machine centers. This makes the schedule less effective, increases cycle times and reduces machine utilization. That is why the semi-automatic planning tool with mechanisms has been created. It helps fill these gaps.

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Other extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central

If the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central wouldn't suffice, you still have the option to plug in extensions or add-ons that work seamlessly with each other.


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