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  • Continuous overview through different planning boards, each with multiple screens
  • Project planning made easy with Gantt charts
  • Full personalization to your needs
  • Support for multiple databases
  • One planner for all resources, linked with all applications, across all departments
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Resource planning

The list of open tasks provides a clear overview of what still needs to be planned.

The planning board provides an overview of all resources, with current status and availability.

Easily plan tasks by dragging and dropping them to resources on the schedule board. The back office is automatically informed.

Revise the planning with bundled monthly or weekly overviews, or get detailed daily views.

Dime Scheduler Gantt Plan Board
plan your project

Project planning with Gantt schedules

Visualize a project

Visualize and plan one or more projects simultaneously with clear Gantt schedules.

This results in dependencies, milestones, deadlines and baselines that are clearly displayed on your project plan.

Allocate resources

Integrate your project schedule with your resource schedule by allocating one or more resources to various tasks.

Agreements made can be made and checked via the planning board.

What-if analysis

The Gantt schedule allows you to control the critical path of your project. Move tasks in your project and evaluate different scenarios within the set limits.

Planning methods

Use different scheduling methods to determine the current duration of your tasks.

Configure fixed maturities and let the stake determine maturity based on resources, or use a dynamic planning method.

Dependencies and constraints

Visualize and determine various predecessors, successors and limitations.

Analyze the impact of a specific task modification on other tasks and / or projects.

Get pop-ups automatically when a task or project is overdue or when it starts too soon.

Dime Scheduler Map
Plan your route

Integrated map display

Visualize everything

Dime.Scheduler comes with a built-in map that contains all the addresses you want, such as your office, warehouse, employees, tasks, customers and suppliers. The map even displays real-time traffic information.

Travel directions

The travel time between two or more open tasks, scheduled tasks and resources is calculated automatically. This calculates the most efficient route, be it a single trip or a full route.

Asset tracking

With GPS tracking you always know who to call when that urgent last-minute request arrives. Send GPS coordinates from a mobile application or tracker and get the real-time positions of all your assets on the map.


You can change the color of different map markers to distinguish between assets with specific skills or to label tasks with a higher priority. The decision-making process can be accelerated by the visual stimulation.

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Other extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central

If the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central would not suffice, you still have the option to plug in extensions or add-ons that work seamlessly with each other.


Our references

We have implemented Dime.Scheduler for the following customers.

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Building & construction
Business Central, Jet Reports, Document Capture, Dime.Scheduler
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Heavy Handling
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Heavy handling
CD Constructs
Building & construction
Business Central, Dime.Scheduler, Document Capture, Microsoft 365, Azure
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Dubois Control
Interior & furniture
Business Central, Jet Reports, Document Capture, Document Output, Dime.Scheduler
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