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Web integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Today, companies try to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering extra services to their customers. An ideal medium for offering these services is of course the web. Moreover, the forward-thinking organization provides this information without further intervention, so without extra time and money, and they do this by integrating the information in real-time with their underlying systems: web integration. In most cases, the web application is hosted on a web server and provides a secure connection to the customer's infrastructure.

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How does it work?

Web integration

Within Business Central implementations web integrations can be used to provide all possible information:

  • Consult your catalog online (including the current stock and price),
  • Quotation request,
  • Order entry and follow-up of the order,
  • Request (outstanding) invoices,
  • Change the customer data,
  • Etc.

Dynamics 365 Business Central also allows communication via web services. This means that the business logic is also defined once within Business Central.

.NET development

Web services in Business Central make data and business logic available to other applications, simplifying data exchange and integration with other IT systems. Business Central is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, which allows us to efficiently integrate with or build on .NET applications.

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