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Data security

The F-Secure Business Suite offers proactive security that protects end users and prevents them from coming into contact with malicious content, ensuring the security of your data at all times. All Business Suite components are optimized in themselves to guarantee a minimum impact on your performance. Usage, installation of updates and purchase of licenses have been designed with ease to meet even the most complex needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

The F-Secure Business Suite bundles the most recent functionality of all individual F-Secure security components. The suite includes reliable security from gateway to endpoint and this at all levels within your IT infrastructure: desktops, laptops, servers, e-mail and web traffic. The F-Secure Policy Manager, a central management tool, is also part of the solution. This tool makes it easy to set up and roll out the necessary security policies as well as proactive monitoring from one central web portal.


Our references

Our customers are the reason why we have been around for 38 years. That's why we like to put them in the spotlight!

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Thiry Paints
Paint & accessories
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Thiry Paints
Avasco Industries
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Studio Plopsa - kopie
Garden & leisure
Microsoft 365, Private Cloud, Security, Hardware
Bancontact Payconiq
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Bancontact payconiq
Jules Destrooper
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Jules Destrooper
Building & construction
Microsoft 365, Private Cloud, Security, Hardware
Dovy keukens
Skyline Communications
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Skyline communications

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